When did the software grow up so much?

[Disclaimer: If your kids are smarter than the average installer, I didn't know that, so no offense, huh?]

The latest software strongly reminds me of kids. It's cunning, intelligent and will use every possible trick to make you do what it wants you to, not what you want to. Why do I think so? Here's the conversation I had with one installer:

Installer: “I can't install this update“

Joe Dumb [me]: “Why?!“

I: “Invalid drive S:“

JD: “Well, duh, I know it's invalid. In fact, it's not even there, as I deleted the partition. Here's the original CD, play with it.”

I [crying]: “I don't want it! I want my cache! Give me my S:!”

JD: “I am sorry, but I don't have S: anymore.“

I: “It's your fault - why did you messed up with my cache?“

Now, I don't have any experience with kids. But seeing this I recalled my friend's baby. This Christmass she saw Stanley's new keyboard. She grabbed it and tried to start smashing things around. When the keyboard was pulled out of her hands, she started crying. Stanley had to give her his old keyboard to make her stop.

Well, I tried similar trick with the Office installer - connected a network share as S:. You can't blame me for trying - things like that used to work with the installers couple of years ago. Little did I know...

I: “Umh, I can't install the update.“

JD [still me]: “Why?“

I: “'Cause I won't and you can't make me! You are bad user!“

At this point I had to resort to the worst crime a parent can do - read the child's diary. With trembling hands I opened the log file and read there the following:

“JD tried again to make me install the update. He gave me a fake S:; a network share! What was he thinking? I am not a baby anymore! I want a real S:. I mean, L's user gave him one for last Christmas, why can't I have one as well?“

Apparently, the software these days has grown up and has the intelligence of 7-8 years old kids. It's has it's own personality, with its own goals and desires. You can't tell it what to do anymore, you have to be one step ahead and guess what it'll do.

I tremble with terror at the thought that in another year or so it'll be like a teen. Thanks god that with software you at least can start from scratch and uninstall/reinstall everything...

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