"Two Things I Hate" or "Macromedia, please help me!"

1. Advertisements. I realize it's not possible to live without advertisement, but I still hate it. Especially when I am paying for something and still am forced to watch ads.

2. Obnoxious advertisements. Macromedia Flash based. You know - the ones that jump out on half the page in the browser and play loud music and in general get in your way. The ones, where you have to right click on them and uncheck Play to stop them. That is, if this even works.

This led to me uninstalling Flash. Unfortunately, there's also all this great content people do in Flash. So, I've been constantly installing/uninstalling Flash for the last two months.

I wonder, if and when is Macromedia going to offer more control over Flash to the end user? Say an option to not play clips by default until I click on them?


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