Some "interesting" reactions to my Google Desktop concerns...

Overall, most readers that commented on my Google Desktop post took it for what it is - a list of my personal concerns with it. However, there are two "interesting" posts I'd like to comment on.

Lazyboa thinks (post in Russian) I posted it because I am disturbed Google came out with desktop search before Microsoft. Lazyboa, my contract does not have a fine print about what I should feel and think (and contrary to the popular belief, it is not signed with blood). My post is based purely on what I feel as a regular computer user.

Arcadi says "As you will see, he is a Microsoft empoyee..." as if revealing a fact that I tried to hide. It's fairly obvious to anyone that reads my blog that yes indeed I am Microsoft employee. (In fact, I believe that most people read my blog because of that). I fail to see how this is related to my concerns with Google Desktop, though, and I don't think it invalidates them in any way.

He then continues: "I don't see Google Desktop more intrusive than other Microsoft products (i.e. the default redirection of IE to MSN Search)".

Arcadi, read item #2 in my post again. The example you give is similar to Google integrating their desktop search results with search results. I never said ithis is intrusive and I don't have problems with such integration. and Google Desktop are both their products and it's just normal (at least to me) that they would work together. The only concern I have about this is that I have to be aware of it and keep it in mind when doing search in front of other people.

What Google Desktop does with AIM is not the same though. AIM can be set to not produce chat logs, yet Google Desktop still indexes the chats. But AIM is not a Google product. Of course, this is a matter of personal opinion and some people might disagree with me, but I personally consider it as intrusive. I don't like the fact that Google Desktop intercepts the network traffic of a third party program. The only programs I think should do this are firewalls and antivirus programs - neither of which Google Desktop is.

Btw, if some future version of Microsoft Word hooked up Adobe Reader and converted on the fly any PDF I open to Word document as well, that would've been a better comparison with the Google Desktop/AIM "integration". And I would be as much troubled with such "feature" as with Google Desktop's one.

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