Incoming posts

Here's short list of topics I am planning to write about in the next month after I finsh the CanvasDragHelper (and if I can find the time). I am going to use this post as a simple survey to see what people would like to see first. Of course, I might not get to some of these.

1. (COM/CLR/WPF) Scriptable WPF application - a sample WPF aplication that exposes automation objects and runs as a local COM server.
2. (COM/IE) IObjectWithBrowserSiteAndDispEventImpl - an ATL-like template that implements IObjectWithSite (by using IObjectWithSiteImpl), queries the site for IWebBrowser and subscribes to DWebBrowserEvents2. Can be used as a base class for IE BHOs and Toolbars.
3. (WPF) Pile panel - a Canvas based panel that add rotation property to it's children.
4. (WPF) Adding Adorners using a simple Ramora DP.
5. (WPF) Sample WPF app that draws in the non-client area. Well, it doesn't actualy draw in the NC area, but it simulates it quite well even under Vista (with all the DWM goodies)
6. (COM) ATL CAxWindow, WM_CREATE and CoInitialize/CoUnitialize balancing issue.

If you are interested in any of these topic, post a comment. (And yes, I'll be using this post also as a rude form of feedback on how many people still read me after nearly two years of silence)

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