How to use spam to "win" customers

Here's how to use spam to win customers - the VMware solution.

Two years ago I attended TechEd. There I went to VMware booth and swiped my badge.

For the last two years I am trying to get VMware to stop sending me emails.

I've got news updates. I've got seminar notices. I've got emails from two different account managers or sales representatives (or whatever they call tehmselves these days), that are responsible for my account, even though I don't have an account. Probably couple other emails as well, although I don't keep track. Every single time I would respond politely with request to stop _any_ emails, as my work is not related in any way to this area and I would like to keep my work email as clean as possible from non-work-related emails. Every single time I would follow their unsubscribe instructions in the email (if there were ones) and every time I would get a message indicating success.

And in another month or two I would get another email.

Today I got another one of these. Again I followed the unsubscribe instructions and visited the page. Imagine my amazement, when this time I got notice that tehre is no such email address. How the heck do I get emails at it then?!

So I replied to the email I got and added couple of other email addressess at VMware I could think of. I asked to be removed from their email list. half an hour later I get an automated answer:

Thank you for your interest in VMware.
Please use the Web-based form at

to report your problem, rather than mailing directly

I try to be a nice person, at least most of the time. So I went to their support page and here's what I find there:

You must have a Personal Profile to log in. Use the Email Address and Password from your Personal Profile in the fields below. Once you've logged in, you'll need a registered product serial number to submit a support request. If you have no idea what we're asking for, click here.

It looks like the only way I can unsubscribe from their email list is if I buy one of their products, register it and then ask the support team to remove my email.

At least that way both me and VMware would get something we want out of the deal.

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