Graffiti and Windows Live Writer

I've been trying WLW on and off for some time now, but I've never actually got to use it regularly. I guess I just couldn't get into it given I wasn't blogging quite often. However, since I have a brand new blog :-), it just seems natural to give WLW another try.

After couple of test posts, I noticed couple of small things, but nothing too annoying:

- I am still not sure how WLW will work with Graffiti's hierarchical categories. I guess for now I'll just have to create new categories from Graffiti. Just in case. 
- Trying to post the draft and edit online opens a new post in Graffiti, not the draft you just uploaded. 
- WLW keywords get translated to Graffiti tags by changing the space to a dash.

Overall, everything worked just fine, so I guess I'll be using WLW a bit more from now on. Now, anyone knows where can I find a WLW plugin for source code highlighting?

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