Google Maps

Google Maps is one slick web application. It's very fast and the interface is quite intuitive. On the other hand, searching for One Microsoft Way is definitely showing the wrong place. :-)

Couple more complaints:

Searching for my home address shows nearby businesess (good), but the mark for one of them cover entirely the mark for my appartment complex (bad). I can certainly understand why this happens - that particular business is in my appartment complex. However, that doesn't help me much. They should play with the pins shape a bit to figure out how to show that there are omre than one pins at the same place.

Searching for my appartment complex using the name Google showed me returns about ten hits between Marysville, WA and Seatac, Tacom, WA (about hour and a haf driving range). Only two of them have something common in their name with my appartment complex (one of them being "the" :-)). Same thing happens when searching for any place name - the range of the results is too big.

The map data is somewhat old. If I were buying a cd I wouldn't be surprised by this; however, this is online app.

It would've been good if there was data for Europe as well. (Ok, I admit this is nitpicking. :-))

On the good side:

I like the popup when selecting a particular place.

The driving directions are very slick.

I like the fact that Google is listing the phone number for each place.

Overall I like it very much. I'll be giving it a try every once in a while.

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