Goodbye, Max!

This is a long overdue post. Couple of months ago Microsoft Max was closed. I was too busy with the transition to the new stuff I am working currently, though, so I neglected to post anything about this. 

The time I spent on Max was full of fun (great team!) and excitement (awesome new platform!...) mixed with some frustration (...still being developed...). I've learned a lot about WPF and got to play in the declarative UI land. I got to work and play with bunch of smart, hard-working and passionate people.

Unfortunately, every good thing must have an end and the project ended. The team got a new name and moved to the Windows Live division. We took over some existing pieces and started working over some new pieces. It's an interesting mix of ingredients, and we plan to bake something exciting out of it. :-)

On the programming side, I am back in the unmanaged world. Turned out my several-years stunt in the .Net world managed (pun intended) to blur out the majority of my C++ skills. It feels weird to deal with pointers and memory management, to initialize COM appartments and marshal objects around, and to loop message pumps and manage HWNDs. I definitely miss the simplicity of C# and the elegance of XAML.

Still, even though Max the project was closed, some pieces of it might yet show up in unexpected places... :-)

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