Bloggers influence?

While reading this interesting (as in not-the-usual-rant-against-microsoft-world-dominance-or-how-this-or-that-system-is-inherently-more-secure-than-windows-just-because) story, I could help but notice the following:

You can sit naked at your desk and buy a product by, effectively, pushing buttons

And it remainded me of this post of Rory:

Buying an eBook (theoretical version)
1. Walk into living room naked.
2. Find book on Amazon.
3. Buy it.
4. Read it.
That sounds really awesome.
Unfortunately, we aren't really there yet.

Btw, Rory, there might be several certain ... umh, strange queries in your referrals log. Then again, after the naked petrified Natalie Portman I guess nothing can surprise you...

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