Bite the bullet and give us full text

Blogging was supposed to be that great medium that will help us transition from the web world where the design and the presentation so often dictate what we see and where individuals and companies are judged by how they look to a world where the ideas are the main thing and everybody is earning ranks based on their minds and souls.

Well, at least it was supposed to be about content, not about presentation. And it was supposed to speed up the processing of the information overflow and help us find the interesting stuff.

And it is - to a degree, though. There are still people that would put in their feed only 20 words. Which is great if these 20 words are the essence. But, every so often these words are just the first 20 words of the post. And as with any beginning, they often fail to catch my attention.

This feels wrong on so many levels. Here I'll list only few:

  • I often have to make a decision whether I want to read something based on the author's name only, not on the content.
  • I've lost any supposed productivity gains, as I have to resort back to the browser - granted, it's embeded in my reader, but it's still the browser and it has to fetch the page and render all the html, download all the graphics, run all the flash. And it's slow.
  • It presents to me lot of visual crap - my eyes have to process the navigation, the title of the blog, any page headers and whatever other "noise" there is, just to get to the content.

Anyhow, Chris Clark said it better than me.

Bite the bullet and give us full text.

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