Are blogs worth advertisements in them?

I use RSS so that I can avoid all the clutter of the HTML overhead. Including the advertisements. So imagine my dissapointment when clicking on the last post from one of the blogs I used to read showed a full-page advertisement in my browser.

I realize that blogging is not free; at least not for most people. So if somebody has to pay their expenses - they can charge for it. It's their blog and they can decide whatever they want to do with it. And I would love to pay for it - provided the perceived cost of the goods (the content) corresponds to the charge, as deemed by me. After all, I should have a choice as well, should I?

My attention is not a “free” resource. Advertisement is a form of indirect charge; I am paying with my brain. But my brain is my most valuable resource. My brain is not getting younger. I can learn and remember so many things. I can't afford mind garbage anymore. I think this “cost” is too high and in no way what I am receiving is worth what is being “taken” from me.

End result: unsubscribed.

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