Airport security

My wife and I spent the holidays in L.A. Turns out after three years, the place we lived is exactly the same. It's like we left yesterday...

Anyway, the post is not about this. It's about the airport security. You know, all the lines and the endless waiting and the strip search... oh, wait, that's another story. But you get the picture.

Last Monday, Sea-Tac, we are flying to L.A. Mih doesn't trust me and thinks I am unreliable and anything important should be handled by her. Not that I blame her or anything - most of the times she is right; not this time though - she lost the boarding passes. Not sure what to do, we tell the attendant at the gate we lost them and “Can we please get on that plane for LA?“.

With alert level at orange, I expect a sirens to start and at least two SWAT teams to jump from the roof. I wouldn't be even surprised by a black helicopter landing on the plane outside.

The attendant just smiles at us and asks if we are on the flight and what our names are. I tell her my name, she checks in the computer and nods us in.

At that point I figure out L.A. is not that big of target anyway. I mean, it's not like anyone would want to drop a bomb on JLo's or Britney Spears' house, right? Umh, strike that; still, apparently L.A. is considered a safe place to fly to. On the other hand, you never know when someone will try to sneak a penguin to Seattle and let it loose in Building 8. So the security on the flight back should be better.

Saturday morning, LAX, we are going back to Seattle. Two miles before the airport half the lanes are closed because of a security check point. At the check point I learn why it is called so when I notice the police officers are checking out the hot chick in the next lane. We pass by, get to the airport, check in (no IDs required), go through the metal detector, get to the gate. Mih hands the boarding passes and our IDs to the attendant there. Quick glance and we are let in; meanwhile, I notice that Mih was showing the documents so that my ID was under hers and only the picture was showing.

Total amount of attendants and security personel we passed by at the two airports: something around 60 or so.
Total amount of IDs required to fly Seattle-LA and back: one and a half.
Total time we lost because of the heightened “security“: two hours.

Moral of the story - having too many eyes look at something does not ensure it's secure...

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